Our experience in different sectors gives us the possibility of
offer you a wide variety of services, among which we highlight:

Reforms and integral rehabilitation of houses including electrical and plumbing installations

Fencing with different materials: hunting fence, chicken wire, mesh, mesh, mallarte, or wood among others; as well as different fastenings: piles, concrete pipes, invisible fences, etc.

Clearing and cleaning of plots manually or by using machines.

Clearing of trees

Earthworks and opening and maintenance of lanes.

Wooden or metal pergolas.

Installation of hanging hammocks

Rustic carpentry.

Construction of pools and swimming pools as well as repair of vessels and installations.

Construction of roofs with different insulating and waterproofing materials.

Interior and façade painting

Design and construction advice

Thanks to the acquired experience and versatility in the works we offer multiple services a la carte.

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